Haiku 2021

Heritage Haiku

                 1Such wondrous beauty
Almost lost to sad neglect
Now for all to love
Richard Rogers
               22Cherry trees in bloom
Each Spring Kuni smiles again
Her eternal gift
Richard Rogers
               23Water, stones and blooms
Kuni’s wonderful painting
Brings us beauty still
Richard Rogers
               42A place of beauty
Where families call it home
Wonderous Mukai
Weston Dorr
               51Lured by daffodils,
We roamed these fields; too spring-drunk
To ponder their past
Meg Chadsey
               63from pieces of life
gleaned from quaran-cleaned garage
I made a dragon
Debbie Butler
               75Asian warriors.  
We are not invisible.  
We stand united.
Candace Gallerani 
               78Infant eyes see all.
Gathering who they’ll be.
We are everyone.
Allyson Radliff
               81Gathered Threads
Generations join
Immigrant and Vashon born
Innovation blooms
Carol Stern
               83Frustrating detour
We need to build a new bridge
and get over it!
Darin Brown
               88I came here for zen
Like the ancients: no traces
Or maybe this dust
John Dumbrille
             100my ancestors’ dreams
bloom in me, a blossom tree
with deep roots and reach
Cynthia Hernandez
             102We never forget,
Despite tempests and trials,
The land that we love.
Jane Nelson
             104I’ll always regret
Questions I didn’t ask —
Now it is too late.
Jane Nelson
             105sunny stroll garden…
a farmer packs strawberries
in wooden barrels
Goran Gatalica
             114fat red strawberries
below her kitchen window
ripe for the picking
Claudia Hollander-Lucas
             119Firewood hard to source
We’ll always have pandemic
Amazon boxes
Jennifer Gogarten
             130A hunter has come.
The quick fox turned in circles.
Who will be removed?
Jill Janow
             138A path of green grass
Guided by crisp white Haiku
Crashing crystal falls
J. Reiling
             158Water crashing down
Intense, for a bug, small falls
Mukai waterfall
             164Water gushing down,
A chorus of ringed water,
Peaceful symphony.
Svea HansPetersen
             181Majestic Mountain!/
Our radiant Mount Rainier/ 
Shines in morning sun
Richard W. Emmons
             210The Barreling Plant
its heritage well preserved
as berries once were
Sebastian Chrobak
             211Removed from our homes
Refugees in our own land
We endured – Gaman
Bruce Haulman
             212Deep felt gratitude
Japanese students thrive and grow
Gift of Cherry Trees
Bruce Haulman
             213Only two suitcases
Imprisoned in the desert
Lives disrupted forever
Bruce Haulman
             216Here, gone, come again
Spirit of place always here
Each time breathing life
Susan Rogers
             217Here, gone, come again
Spirit of place always home
Filling breath to see
Susan Rogers
             218Here, gone, come again
Spirit of place always here
A breath of life now
Susan Rogers
             235reaching out to you…
 through the darkness searching blind…
                   grasping for your touch…
Kayla Balcos
             243branchs in the sky
heart’s veins and arteries
thump thump thump thump thump
Ronald Irvine
             266island says farewell
sadness and anticipation
accompany me
Mary Eaves Mitchell
             269My songs are the songs
of my Irish ancestors:
battle calls, laments.
Lynn Carrigan, age 74
Each little movement
Starts turning the clock of time
That creates our world
Marlowe Cardoza
             289humbly left behind
a lush victory garden
feeds friends & neighbors
             290not so long ago
it was strawberry crinkle virus
that caused sleepless nights
             291canoes cross the Sound
Salish Sea Salmon People
coming to pick fruit
             292Coffee at Luna
Flowers at Thriftway
Sunset at Lisabeula
             303Little granddaughters / help me bake. Cookies for them / memories for me.Yvonne Belshaw
             308Heritage haiku
Must submit to continue
Wonder what to say?
Stephen Floyd
             309Haiku number three
Here we go again, again
All praise Tinkie Winkie!
Stephen Floyd
             325Rest, play, grow, then die
Complete the cycle of life
Retire at last
David McClellan
             344Upon an island
once, I came, shyly hopeful
no one knew my name
Tom Land
             345the farmers arrived
some strawberries came too
not thinking of war
Tom Land
             357水: water
rural oregon
the american dream restarts
digging for water
             359Ripe ruby jewels
Dangling in summer breezes
Mourn disappeared men
Corinne Lightweaver
             360Shameful history
Peaceful strawberry farmers
Bleak desert prisons
Corinne Lightweaver
             361Empty farms and homes
Rice grains scattered to the wind
Island legacy
Corinne Lightweaver
             363Lured by daffodils,
We roamed these fields; too spring-drunk
To ponder their past
Meg Chadsey

Social Justice Haiku

               2Garden created
Then we had to leave our home
This beauty endures
Richard Rogers
             10Triptych—2020—Panel 1
Year of Pandemics
COVID & Systemic Racism
Can We Recover?
Peter Lewis
             11Triptych—2020—Panel 2
Year of Pandemics
COVID & Systemic Racism
What Then Shall We Do?
Peter Lewis
             12Triptych—2020—Panel 3
Year of Pandemics
COVID & Systemic Racism
Love Neighbors We Must
Peter Lewis
             21“Equality upon the Level”
All created here
by sacred source .  To down some
calls to down self with.
Ms. Darcy L. Candelaria
             37Majority wins
Once you dislike the result
It’s all up to you
             64masked, hidden one: yet
I know by your shining eyes
if you smile or weep
Debbie Butler
             74No more injustice. 
Don’t judge me by my color. 
Love.  Sisters.  Brothers.
Candace Gallerani 
             77Your breath is my breath.
Your soul is akin to mine.
Your joy, your grief, same.
Allyson Radliff
Life with compassion
Equity and voting rights
Joined as one people 
Carol Stern
             86Skin and eyes, pared down
The potato has a past
The root to a cause
Linda Allen
             89Inferior weed
or bona-fide species?
Intollerant garden
Linda Allen
             92Equality is
The possibility of
No leverage for me
John Dumbrille
             98truth whispers like breeze
speaks louder than fear and hate
dark clouds yield to sun
Cynthia Hernandez
           115Firewood hard to source
We’ll always have pandemic
Amazon boxes
Jennifer Gogarten
           117Zoom cameras off
Students sobbing far too hard
Cannot offer tea
Jennifer Gogarten
           118Speak to me in love
Speak to me in pain removed
Speak to me in light
Virginia Magboo
           132Sometimes seeds of love
Sprout from the ashes of hate
Like a Sequoia
Lisa A. Knight
           153This drive to go on
Is what some may call peace, but
To some it is fake.
           170Mukai mothers weep
More immigrant sisters lost
When will hatred end?
Jean Berolzheimer
           185Winter kept us in
We isolated alone
Spring sunshine unites
Roxy Hathaway
           195Hate so divisive
Strong feelings started where when
Follow golden rule
Heidi Hedlund
           204I yelled BLACK LIVES MATTER
so loud! But my heart hurt more
when Asians were killed.
Luc Poon
           205I remember Dad
Chinese face but not at work
Managers are white.
Luc Poon
Every action ripples through
Be kind, spread more love
Andrea Bakke
when we all stand together
cherry blossoms bloom
Sebastian Chrobak
           215lack of prejudice
appreciating roses
of every color
Sebastian Chrobak

The apparition
of these faces in a grid
flat blank ghosts of friends

(This one is a duo with Haiku #2)

Lindsey Powers Gay

A small slumping child
surveilled in kindergarten
cannot touch the world

(This is part of the duo with Haiku #1)

Lindsey Powers Gay
           229A breath extinguished
Collectively we catch ours
Exhale hope and change
Marabeth Rogers
           244Mindlessly living.
Pause for death, a reckoning.
Strength in unity. 
K Van Cleave M
           245Repression holds tight
Until death wakes the sleeping. 
Stand down, make room, love. 
K Van Cleave M
           267Try to find beauty
In the world, no matter what,
Even when it hides.
Lynn Carrigan, age 74
           272giver, play a part 
chant holy words of hope
to melt the frozen hearts
Howard Bagan
Strawberries are very dry
Sun sets on Mukai
           310Beautiful brown girl
Let no one dim your blinding
Light, love, laughter, life
Deborah gooden
           315Milky white dawn yawns
Mother soothes Black baby boy
Her wish for him life
Kate Dowling
           316Masks protect me from
Bad breath, close talker spittle,
B.O., and perfumes.
Eileen Rossignol
           317I would rather be
Stabbed to death my a bad guy
Than shot by a friend. 
Eileen Rossignol
           318The Golden Rule is not
enough to compensate for
exploited strangers.
Eileen Rossignol
           328Our souls are asking
for certain light, and answers:
tonight’s full moon speaks.
Barbara Hoonan
           337On the ground, Gasping
for fresh air, Praying to live
His skin becomes cold. 
Adi Shepard
           346my lantern gone
the last day of our squid pier
no fishing allowed
Tom Land
           354tiny hard great man
worn leather eyes study me
his grip strong on mine
Dave Horn
           356追悼の日: Day of Remembrance
sand-covered barracks
the tower guard witnesses
racial injustice
           364Kill the media
Information is deadly
All spirits matter

Nature Haiku






































Cherry blossoms bloom

Each Spring their beauty returns

Aaaah, eternity


bees and wasps and drones

sharing the colorful light 

of the same blossoms


Photoshop Express – 

The Mukai strawberry fields

Flowering again


Rising through the woods —

The amber December moon

Softening the night


A half moon shining

Realizing the loss of face

Is temporary


Naked tree branches

Adorn winter skies. Cherry

blossoms paint them spring


Ginkos patiently

wait throughout rainy winter.

Spring brings geisha leaves.


Spring – blossom nectar

quenches a hummingbird’s thirst.

Summer waits its turn


Richard Rogers






Dan Iulian





Dan Iulian





Dwight L. Wilson




Dwight L. Wilson




Larry St. Pierre




Larry St. Pierre




Larry St. Pierre

           16Fertile and fragile
Sleeping seeds stir in the earth
Reveal a garden
Karen Kent
           17Gold face beams skyward
Nodding, bowing, laden head
The sunflower’s song
Karen Kent
           18True perseverance
Two worlds apart now as one
All is connected
Karen Kent
           19Oh dear Mister Moon,/We pair up to rise knowing/His sweet light on usMs. Darcy L. Candelaria
           20“And Trees Wave Hi”
Animals’ souls speak.
Flowers sing songs in fragrance.
Stars sprinkle the Ritz. 
Ms. Darcy L. Candelaria
           24The artist’s palette
Flowers, water, stones, blue sky
Behold her vision
Richard Rogers
           27Flutters, chirps, and flaps
Gathers up the twigs and leaves
Ready, nest building starts
Delilah Evangelina Spence
           28Listen to nature, water dripping deep but slow, the noise of a “splash,”Ford Ray
           29The little insect,
crawling ever so slowly,
pulls the fresh dinner.
Ford Ray
           30Vision the rainbow,
stretching across the blue sky,
hiding its treasure. 
Ford Ray
           31She died in the spring
My red-haired dancing dancing girl
Forever young
Hazel Wilding
           32Purring with calmness
Fierce eyes but yet so gentle
Sleeping but alert.
AVA Denherder
           33Eyes shine happily
Small flowers among tall grass
Lay and rest innocent thing.
Luka Sennott
           34A bright orange tree
An orange rolls away
Somebody eats it
Mattea Hecht
           39Abandoned village
Nothing left to see but ash
A deer creeps slowly 
           40Small bird glides in air
equal with larger fletchlings
Free from the planet
Quentin Cherry
           41Small animal jump
Small splash in water’s surface
Ripples travel far
Quentin Cherry
           43A whisper of bliss
Blossom grace me with your sent
A subtle beauty 
           44Sprout new life seedling
Awake to light and wonders
 New growth to vast heights
           46Shining rays and beams
Illuminating our world
Warming our chilled hearts
           47A lush green carpet…
The moss is gentle and cool…
A beam of sunshine…
Atticus Nauman-Montana
           48Hard, dense, dry, soil…
Scratch and seed speckles the earth…
Chickens are happy… 
Atticus Nauman-Montana
           49Peach buds blossom
Bees pollinate
Frost peach
Natasha Webb
           50Water gliders
Birds chirp their last songs
Sun sets
Natasha Webb
           52Cherry Blossoms bloom,
Dog’s get their fur groomed,
Outside the sun resumes.
Natasha Sullivan
           53When it rains, it pours
When the sun shines, its bright
Spring has arrived.
Natasha Sullivan
           54The moon is bright,
Like a fragment of love,
It’s as pretty as a dove.
Natasha Sullivan
           61brown, papery husk
hiding from difficult world
I rise, daffodil
Debbie Butler
           64In the night garden
the moon shows me the place where
fish feed on starlight 
Brit Myers
           65Golden maple trees
call to my beloved with
whirling dervish seeds
Brit Myers
           66As the day’s light fades
thrush string stars into being
with minor note beads
Brit Myers
           70Subtle spring mystique.
Enamoured with charm of life,
beauteous whispers.
Whispering Thoughts
           71Spring within, abloom.
Splendid riot of colors.
Blissful vibrancy.
Whispering Thoughts
           72The fringes pulsing with life.
In the womb of soil, 
nuanced intricacies throb.
Whispering Thoughts
           73Tranquil forest walks. 
Listen to the sounds of birds. 
Peaceful sensations. 
Candace Gallerani 
           76Echos of winter.
Fading through hollows and hearts.
Spring dreams awaken.
Allyson Radliff
           79Spring thoughts
The smallest flower
Hummingbirds sip sweet nectar
Tiny things, great joy
Carol Stern
           83Unforgiving winter
A frozen, metal fence roars
laughing at the tongue!
Darin Brown
           84Recurring display
A timid, wary ebb retreats
Outfoxed by the flow
Darin Brown
           87Dread filled twelve months
A COVID mother wanders
dementia’s hallway
Linda Allen
           90Once again the birds
Are ringing out. Beaks pierce
Eggshells all over again.
John Dumbrille
           94Plump bumble bees buzz
Flowers sway in the warm breeze
Lazy streams gurgle
           95The crows rule the world;
the humans exist no more.
Crow-caw-caw caw-CROW!
Lusha Zhou
           96Dark clouds fill the sky
Trees bend and sway through the night
Lightning strikes the ground
           92Deer paths through the woods
Erased now by falling snow
Ghostly prints beneath
Chole Davis
           93Green buds touch the sky
Pink blossoms unfurl with joy
Earthworms push through soil
           93It fell in the night
As strong winds tore through the land
A giant lies still
Chole Davis
           94At the last moment,
I tuck the two-spot feather
into my pocket 
           94Paddles dip through mist
First bird calls, urge warmth and light
To make a sun rise
Chole Davis
           95Venus ricochets
around the Seven Sisters
into my bedroom
           96water drops gently
puddles and splashes soon grow
frog just found a home
Cynthia Hernandez
           97In a tiny vase,
last haiku from the old plum—
Lichened branch blossoms
           99Planting seeds of love
For flowers are poetry
Nature’s greatest gifts
Jessica Sweeney
         101Petals soft as skin
Though cool in the morning dew
Sparkle in sunlight
Jessica Sweeney
         103Perfume in the air
All of the fields are blooming
A glorious scent
Jessica Sweeney
         106Upon that grey stone 
A small lichen is growing 
Turning it to dust.
Robert Fuerstenberg
         107strawberry farming…
a vibrant gathering place
our Mukai Garden
Goran Gatalica
         108No match for the wind 
The monarch flutters to rest 
Upon a lilac.
Robert Fuerstenberg
         109romantic garden…
fragrance of first strawberries
blending our cultures
Goran Gatalica
         110Perhaps the willow/Has taken the world’s sorrow /Upon its shoulders.Robert Fuerstenberg
         112moon garden listens
as flowers bloom best at night
like so many dreams
Claudia Hollander-Lucas
         116ink bleeds on paper
water ripples over stone
frog will grow new legs
Claudia Hollander-Lucas
         120Hummingbird mirrored
Flashing glitter in the air
Waiting to alight
Virginia Magboo
         122Walking through shadows
Unpolished rock on the path
I bend to retrieve
Virginia Magboo
         124springtime equinox –
constellation Libra shines
in the bedtime sky 
Valentina Ranaldi-Adams
         126waning of winter –
green sprouts of unknown flowers
poke through harden ground 
Valentina Ranaldi-Adams
         127I hear many birds
Singing in the evening.
It’s certainly Spring!
Jill Janow
         128this wintry morning
a rainbow is overhead –
warm apple cider 
Valentina Ranaldi-Adams
         129The eggs by the dock!
What has happened to them?
They have been eaten.
Jill Janow
         131Springtime in one note
Off-pitch minor-key whistle
Varied Thrush in love
Lisa A. Knight
         133Naked trees showing
Signs of life in baby bumps
Soon to birth blossoms
Lisa A. Knight
         137A plant blooms in rock
Shaded tendrils of fresh green
A clear waterfall
J. Reiling
         140Butterflies flying
Bees buzzing in the spring air
Flowers are blooming
Jane Ely
         141Cherry blossoms bloom
Fluffy pinkness all around
Bright and colorful  
Jane Ely
         143Small frog lays calmly
Frog jumps in pond, eats small bug
Frog sleeps in blossom
Zoe D’Artell
         146Flowers are blooming,
Pink, purple, and blue flowers,
Spring is beautiful!
Bennett Thorpe
         147The wind is soothing,
The ocean looks quite pretty,
The animals are nice.
Bennett Thorpe
         148The grass is light green,
The sky is very bright blue,
The wood is light brown.
Bennett Thorpe
         149Grassy, sharp, pointy
Shining bright glimmers on it
Grass, sharp but pretty
Simon Jose Lanphear
         150Roll up your long sleeves
The bright sun is here to stay
Hot orbs and burnt rays
Simon Jose Lanphear
         152You mean freedom for
All the people of this world,
And are salty too.
         155Prickly but sweet
Juicy and viny berries
Amazing berries
Lukas Lanske
         157Nature is thick
Nature is calm and quiet 
Nature is the life
Lukas Lanske
         159Fall and autumn with
Gold dark brown and yellow leaves
Autumn has to pass 
         161Leaves fall to the mud
Wind rustled leaves on the earth
Leaves fall carefully
Amelia Archaro
         162Pond water falls down
Hot sun up-high peeking in
Birds sing melodies
Amelia Archaro
         165A cool rhythmic breeze,
Dancing currents, rising birds,
A spring melody.
Svea HansPetersen
         167The small fish ate bug
The other bugs swam away
Big bug ate little fish
         171Stones pummeled by time
What stories lie in my hand
on this storm-tossed beach?
Jean Berolzheimer
         172If I must choose one
memory to hold through time,
let the ocean sing
Jean Berolzheimer
         182Springtime, sacred play
Jubilantly, insects dance
Blossoms in delight
Karen Hedlund
         183Finches stem to stem
Hummingbird halts in mid air
Stares through my window
Roxy Hathaway
         184Friend dropped a bouquet
Bright tulip petals of red
Sweet remembrance
Roxy Hathaway
         186Tracing along side
Pumping life throughout
Sayward Nelson
         187Scattered Beach Rocks, Tossed,
Rolled, and Rounded by the Waves,
Provide Fresh Landscapes Each Day.
steve bergman
         188Ellisport in Spring
Ravine Alders reach and fall
Skunk Cabbage flowers in bloom 
steve bergman
         189Beach Bluffs eroding
Drift Cells need to be fed to
Keep the spit growing  
steve bergman
         190More snow erases
the careful calligraphy
of windfall on ice.
Ann Spiers
         191So much in the air
drifting: pollen, spiders, leaves
and bird song from nests.
Ann Spiers
         192The new bridge, now old,
helps us carefully cross
the pond’s deep water.
Ann Spiers
         193Not found: elegant
words, but something much better:
pink flowering trees!
Susan Lynch
         194Empty mind, sky mind
Mountain tiger mirror-deep
mind all around you.
Susan Lynch
         196Dogs believe the best
Their human can do no wrong
Descended from wolves
Heidi Hedlund
         197They see things we can’t
Cats a gap in the matrix
Purring slows the heart
Heidi Hedlund
         199I hide the candy
My sister comes running home
Where is my candy!
         206Carefully placed sticks
Taught to speak with little flames
Satisfying warmth
Luc Poon
         207Spring blossoms smell sweet
White and pink flowers unfold
Our season of hope
Andrea Bakke
         209A full moon rises
Light cast across the water
Creates quiet calm
Andrea Bakke
         220Trees sway above me
In or out is my last breath
Dying leaves soaring
Kenny Alton
         221Sudden days of light
Heart adjusts to the new skin
Words matter no more
Kenny Alton
         222Brush on the table
My daughter’s hair is tangled
Spring says it’s okay
Kenny Alton
         230Curtain caught in breeze
Causes tabby to waken
Bemused it blinks twice
Marabeth Rogers
         231Pale pink peony
Floating on green sunlit pool
Hinting of promise
Marabeth Rogers
         232Full moon laughs,
spills gold on a lake to toast
the sun’s generosity
Miriam Goldberg
         233Lightning cracks.  Silence. 
Thunder roars!  Darkness settles. 
Earth dances, floats, spins.
Miriam Goldberg
         234weeds are pulled, earth turned,
no words sprout in the garden,
silent seeds breathe deep
Miriam Goldberg
         236warmth collides on high…
        so below the embers glow…
                             flame flickering eye…
Kayla Balcos
         237sunrise advances…
      upon a waking dreamstate…
              where we linger on…
Kayla Balcos
         241spring sun warms the earth
north wind blows cold on grapevines
nap in the vineyard
Ronald Irvine
         242moonrise in the east
clouds cover like comforters
wind kicks the covers off 
Ronald Irvine
         246A quiet harbor.
Blast!  The fire wakes us.
Community wins. 
K Van Cleave M
         247The garden blossoms
The crows leave behind only
A bruised strawberry 
Anna Shomsky
         248children catch flowers
as they fall from the treetops
in little cupped hands 
Anna Shomsky
         249Black words on white page
Emptiness begets meaning
Atoms in the void
Anna Shomsky
         253Each thing of itself
but equally within me:
An eternal flow
Bob Michaels
         254A jagged coastline
The whorl of the nautilus
Patterns everywhere
Bob Michaels
         255The seed is the map
its hidden trajectory
still knows its target
Bob Michaels
         256Miracles happen
Today brings its own magic
Each moment a gift
B Bridges Gylland
         257Ascend the Andes
Rise up, lips kissing the sun
Tasting the Divine
B Bridges Gylland
         258Blushing, swollen, warm
Full-bodied pear in the sun
Ripe for the plucking
B Bridges Gylland
         268Beside a highway
Dark green nettles grow, part sting
And part nutrition.
Lynn Carrigan, age 74
         270Shuzenji summer
rainy, winding roads of cedars
one traveler walks
Howard Bagan
         271full-moon, blackest night
luna silver, velvet sky
         pearl light summer
Howard Bagan
         287Falling with the wind
Rippling like an emerald sea
Soft under my feet
Marlowe Cardoza
         294the waterfall’s spray
blurs both of our sunglasses—
I drop to one knee
Michael Dylan Welch
         295patio planter—
the earth warm to my fingers
where your fingers were
Michael Dylan Welch
         296for the kitchen vase
a clutch of dandelions
in my toddler’s hand
Michael Dylan Welch
         298Harsh voices rising
from winter, frog chorus sings
to the Equinox
Debra Paulsen
         299Fluttering at dusk.
Wren gathers her clumsy chicks
First day out. All safe.
Debra Paulsen
         300Floating in a pool
of sun, cat stretches and twists
to warm her belly
Debra Paulsen
         301Silver drop of rain / rests briefly on the leaf / the hurries on again.Yvonne Belshaw
         302The fog hugs the shore / unseen the seagulls muffled cries / greet the morning.Yvonne Belshaw
              304Cherry blossoms fly
Leaves start to seethe to anger
Winter’s monotone
              307Necks arched gracefully
Tulips greet dawn with a kiss
Sipping from life’s spring.
Stephen Floyd
              311I like to surprise
You when I show my new leaves
And dancing flowers
Deborah gooden
              312Parakeet, green head
Preening, bobbing hiding in
The lime tree, talking 
Deborah gooden
         313Blossoms unfurling
Fragrant in the warm sunshine
Life marches forward
Kate Dowling
         314Filtered sunlight shines
lightly upon dark water
concealing secrets
Kate Dowling
         320holiday awakening
my favorite view
from the childhood garden
Mihovila Ceperic-Biljan
         321Cherry blossoms speak
Pink words of patience and hope
As they drift through time
Lynn Carrigan
         322Forest Rocks
Rocks on forest floor
Moss-covered yet still jagged
Slate gray neath soft green
Dawn H Smart
Chill air drawn deeply
Rich earth awaiting new seed
Opens weary hearts
Dawn H Smart
         324Beach Rocks
Rocks on coastal beach
Rounded by the endless waves
Small and smooth and many
Dawn H Smart
         326Most terrible year
Disease, isolation, death
With Spring, a new start
David McClellan
         327Flowers, shrubs and trees
Blossoms signal a new start
For our spirits too
David McClellan
         329In a dark torrent
the sky let loose wild showers
yet, the robins sang.
Barbara Hoonan
         330Along the pathway
golden blossoms lift skyward:
sun salutations!
Barbara Hoonan
         331Soft hemlock covers
Canopy forest lush green growth
Mystical verdant land
Karen D Portzer
         332Whimsy frolic fun
Gathering flowers noon sun
Bouquet brighten day
Karen D Portzer
         333Blending colors swirl
Fading into golden light
Cool breeze envelops
Karen D Portzer
         334Penstemon blooming
Hummingbirds and bees rejoice 
The desert provides
Judy Clegg
         335The clouds return on faith
Monsoon rains will come again
Brown will become green
Judy Clegg
         336Look out and see life
Teeming with joy and belief
Hope is our window
Judy Clegg
         339Some take for granted
The blooms on the cherry trees
So simple, so pure
Adi Shepard
         340Love dandelions
Sway beautifully as waves
In the glowing sun
Shepard Michaels
         341Flowing spring water
Swimming through smooth and slowly
Forever at peace
Shepard Michaels
         341Flowing spring water
Swimming through smooth and slowly
Forever at peace
Shepard Michaels
         343The cherry blossoms
Shiver on the shaking branch
Cuddling for warmth.
Patrick Raven
         347Sun wind salt waves churn
Blue— as far as I can see
What changes after this storm…?
J Wing
         348Gray rain slowly turns
Mason bees bathe in sun’s warmth
New green, buds revealed 
J Wing
         349Red heads, blue heads, blondes
All pecking, peeping, scratching
Yum! Worms for breakfast
J Wing
         350beside the cottage
one daffodil this whole year
in the old garden 
Teri Carns
              351too cold for sleeping –
keeping the moon’s company
until frozen dawn 
Teri Carns
         352doe rears up searching
studying accusing me
her fawn in the road
Dave Horn
         353dog climbs on my lap
sinks her paws into my legs
curls settles then sleeps
Dave Horn
         355On Vashon island.
A Woman needs a man like.
A fish needs a bike.
Matt South
              358塊: clumps
Stay on the trail
lush mosses cannot bare
the travelers sole
         362Small, painful, needles…
The desert’s water tower…
Cactus is in bloom…
Atticus Nauman-Montana

 351 B 

scattering ashes
to feed my father’s roses
his faithful old dog

Teri Carns

Young Poet Haiku

             25Doors are opening
Spring is running in action
Cue all of the smiles
Delilah Evangelina Spence
             26Wakes up early near dawn
Happy Easter, she says with a smile
Then comes the candy
Delilah Evangelina Spence
             35Once a yellow bird
Bright and colorful it was
Flying through the air
Mattea Hecht
             36A coconut shell
Lying on the beach alone
Rolling down the sand
Mattea Hecht
             38Trotting on a horse
Much like gliding through the air
So happy and free
             55Life in the deep end,
Eclipses over the sun,
falling fast asleep.
Riley Benjamin-Meyer
             56The Kaleidoscope,
the bright, mystical sunshine,
spirals with the light.
Riley Benjamin-Meyer
             57Adventure awaits,
the trees, the water, the life,
it all leads one way.
Riley Benjamin-Meyer
             58Coyotes are calling,
The moon’s bold light is shining
Down on the tree frogs
Sadie Reissiger
             59Run, run through grasses
Run down hills, and up them, too.
Plundering the earth
Sadie Reissiger
             60Walking through damp springs,
Walking throughout hot summers,
Admiring life’s work
Sadie Reissiger
             67Food is plentiful,
springtime is warmth life and joy, 
new life flourishes
Jin Vanstone
             68Flower petals fall,
flowers for the hummingbirds,
Beating of their wings
Jin Vanstone
             69Tedious leaping
A small, fast turtle twitchy
betrayed by the cake
Johnny Lim
             88Sweet sunshine streams through,
Weaving a pattern of light,
With its warm shuttle.
Isabella Peani
             91Wind whispers to trees,
Telling them secrets of old,
All but forgotten.
Isabella Peani
             93Morning dew steps by,
She turns starlight into glass,
Placing it on grass.
Isabella Peani
           111The morning dew shines
The flowers shimmer bright lights
Birds fly overhead.
           113The branches grow buds
Ants and Bees are everywhere
Spring must have arrived
           121in line all morning
ferry boat slips gently by
still stuck on Vashon
Jolyon Gogarten
           123trash in the river
pollution is everywhere
we NEED to fix this
Jolyon Gogarten
           125breeze sings in the trees
hummingbirds flutter nearby
beautiful morning
Jolyon Gogarten
           134Cute chicks hatch from eggs
Fluffy tiny cheeping clouds
Hope they’re not roosters
Thomasina Gogarten
           135Broody hen and chicks
Eating, exploring — DANGER!
Get in the pancake!
Thomasina Gogarten
           136sunny springtime day
going in the kiddie pool
don’t forget swimsuit!
Thomasina Gogarten
           139The scent of spices
A warm cup of herbal tea
A sadly burnt tongue
J. Reiling
           142Rainbows are pretty
Fluffy white clouds in the sky
Unicorns dancing
Jane Ely
           144Frog goes to friend toad
They go eat yummy cupcakes
Frog goes home happy
Zoe D’Artell
           145Small elf frog drinks tea
Small elf frog bakes yummy cake
Friend elf toad eats cake
Zoe D’Artell
           151Burning hot red, smooth
Rounded top, sharp windows
Burnt crafted wood trunk
Simon Jose Lanphear
           154It’s spelled like dessert,
It’s full of yellow sand and
Super hot cactus.
           156It blooms beautiful
It blooms fruit and vibrant buds
It blooms vibrant
Lukas Lanske
           160There once was a frog
He sat sad on a log for
He lived in a bog
           163Flowers sing their songs
Bees quickly fly into them
Gushing water falls fast
Amelia Archaro
           166The floating lilies,
Frogs hopping from pad to pad,
Croaking out spring song.
Svea HansPetersen
           168Pickles are sour on tongue
Eat pickle sandwich be new
Pickles pickles yum
           169Long Fuzzy Mustache
Fuzzy was very ugly
Mustache is smelly
           198The city is asleep
The world is dark and silent
I am still awake.
           200Reflections rippled
Rain falling on quiet pond
Calmness in this afternoon
Lissi Percival
           201Snow is falling now
I am snug in my warm home
I love wintertime
Lissi Percival
           202Haiku number one
Why do I have to do this
I’m not a poet
Shay Percival
           203Haiku number two
I just want to play Minecraft
Five more syllables
Shay Percival
           223Blooming pink and white, 
Some float along with the breeze, 
The cherry blossoms
Juno Leonard
           224Trees swaying in wind,
Their pine needles bathe in sun,
Birds perched in branches 
Juno Leonard
           225Dogwoods flowering,
New blooms on the old branches,
Reflecting the past
Juno Leonard
           251Many clouds above
Dancing beyond what we know
Caressing a hill
Sophia Lanphear
           252Sun beams on my face
The scent of spring wakes me up
flowers bloom outside
Sophia Lanphear
           259I love beginnings
a chick named Jesse Owens
going places fast 
Ella  Ødegaard (13 years old) 
           263Soaring above us,
a Merlin, pumping grand wings,
master of the clouds.
Emeilia Odegard (11 years old)
           265A pod of orcas.
Beautiful ferry commute.
Whales playing so cute.
Pierson Guenther
           273Red Sunsets, Cold Drinks
Warm and Cool The Perfect Day
The Black Cat Meows
           274Forever a friend
Seleana and Eleanor
We are one together 
Eleanor Casey.
           275I love to sing songs
It makes me very happy
Sing along with me
Eleanor Casey.
           276A Czech kolace
Yummy chocolate pastry
Fresh from the oven 
Owen Hauk 
           277Bees buzzing slowly
In the small flower garden
Roses are blooming
Owen Hauk 
           278On the city street
A guitarist plays a song
Cash in his big case
Owen Hauk 
           279Earth had been taken.
Forest once growing. Now gone.
Must fight for our globe.
Ahmalie Frank
           280Camping mornings bright
 And beautiful Nights dark, but
 With beautiful light
Brayden Coble
           281Pandas Are Fluffy
Eating Fresh Bamboo Off Trees
Come Down To The Zoo
Soryn Gaut
Bunny, Sailor Moon,
Clumsy, cute buns, tiara
Princess, cries, Luna
Faye Cardoza  Age 5, Preschool
Dirt, Plants, Butterflies
Space Dinosaur, Mushrooms, Chess
Flowers, Rain, Windows
Faye Cardoza  Age 5, Preschool
Plip, Plop, Whoosh, Splish, Splash
Ding, Crash, Ka-ching, Fwish, Creak, Thump
Shoof, Fwip, Crack, Shing, Clink
Marlowe Cardoza
           288Flowers are blooming
The sun is shining brightly
The wind is gentle
Greer Cardoza Age 9 
           305Gray shaded moonlight
Night terrors guide delusions
The loner constructs
           306The shadows tighten
Fingers grasp their pale remains
Synchronized darkness
           319World haiku day –
another cherry petal
on my birthday cake
Mihovila Ceperic-Biljan
           338My blue and green world
Spins round and round every day
Beautiful, wide world
Adi Shepard
           342Climbing a tall tree
Stole 7up from the park
Brown bushy and small
Burke michaels
 286-b With its shining horn
It is a space unicorn
Riding on the stars
Greer Cardoza Age 9 
           261history in trees
a family diamond
generations shine  
Ella  Ødegaard (13 years old) 
           250A tiny spider
So many afraid, but why?
It will not harm you
Sophia Lanphear
           264Little arrow leafs,
Shihuahuaco tree,
holding onto life.
Emeilia Odegard (11 years old)
They can fly with wings
Eat fish, have feathers and beaks
But they can not cook
Faye Cardoza  Age 5, Preschool
 287-b The snow is falling
It is very cold outside
The fire is all lit
Greer Cardoza Age 9 
           260our apostrophe
of chance to change for kindness 
our equity word 
Ella  Ødegaard (13 years old) 
           262Yorokobi o
motarasu, Mukai Farm,
Yoi tengoku
(Bringing Joy, Mukai Farm, a haven of good)
Emeilia Odegard (11 years old)

Reflections Haiku

                   4 it’s snowing nonstop –
good friends for a few moments
in a caffeehouse    
Dan Iulian
                   9 Grandma’s trusty knife–/ at rest in a dishwasher/ and losing its edge Dwight L. Wilson

In a haiku, do
you pronounce the hashtag in
#COVID, or…?

Lindsey Powers Gay
               240 Work done, children grown
Gentle isle in tranquil sound
Which of us dies first?
Bart Diener

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