Ayumi Luke – Girls Day

Girl’s day


Japan has so many festivals to celebrate.

After Setsubun, Japanese start getting ready for this festival : ひな祭り(Hina Matsuri) which

is March 3rd. This is the day of praying for a girl’s health and happiness.

I am sure the super markets and the shops in Japan are full of Hinamatsuri stuff such as ひ

なあられ(Hinaarare: rice cracker),お雛様( Hina doll) and ちらし寿司( Chirashi sushi:

Scattered sushi) right now.

For those of you who think making sushi is very hard, I will teach you the easiest way.

Chirashi sushi:

Sushi rice: 2 cups

Sushi Taro:Sushi mix (You can buy at Uwajimaya or Amazon!)

Kinshi tamago: Shredded garnish made from paper-thin cooked eggs.

The hardest part is making the paper-thin cooked eggs but you can just make scrambled


So all you should do is cook rice and add Sushi taro and mix it and put Kinshi tamago as a

topping. It can be vegetarian or you can add boiled shrimp and salmon roe.


This is my Ohinasama. I put them out every year. This is 九谷焼 (Kutani ware: porcelain from

my hometown).

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