The Mukai Farm & Garden celebrates Vashon’s Japanese American and agricultural heritage. With its historic Craftsman house, Japanese gardens, acreage, and strawberry processing plant, Mukai is “how history lives.”

Feature: Kuni’s Garden

Peonies blooming in the North Garden

Peonies blooming in the North Garden

The Japanese Garden: Designed and installed during the 1930’s by Kuni Mukai, a Japanese immigrant, her “hill garden” features extensive rockwork, plantings and a surrounding pond.

Great progress has been made on the garden over the last two years. We hired a well known Pacific Northwest Landscape Architect Karen Kiest who completed a technical guidance plan for plant selection, rockery, site circulation and hardscape. Last summer we then completed the extensive and complex restoration of the water feature (the ponds). Now we are ready to start on landscaping the North Garden – hill plantings and lawn restoration. The work should be complete by the end of May, so put a visit to the Muaki Farm and Garden on your calendar!

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