Mukai Farm & Garden: How History Lives

Founded by Issei pioneer B.D. Mukai in 1926 as a strawberry farm, Mukai Farm & Garden today is on the National Register of Historic places with its rare heritage home, Japanese Garden, and Barreling Plant. Open and free to the public, it celebrates Vashon Island’s Japanese American and agrarian heritage. Come visit!



We are stressed because we’re WEIRD (Western, Educated, Industrialized, Rich and Democratic). And we have inherited and are passing that stress to the next generation. Learn how indigenous cultures handle life in ways that we can adapt to meet our modern needs.

Betty Peralta will introduce you to a neuroscientific way of seeing stress and how balancing our values can relieve stress in our work, home, and communities.

Betty Peralta is a Consultant for Parents, Educators, and Family Service Providers at Alta (Alternative Learning and Therapeutic Avenues).

Please visit the Vashon Center for the Arts for more information or to buy tickets.

Hitomezashi Sashiko w/ Rob Jones

This class focuses on Hitomezashi Sashiko (one-stitch sashiko) where the patterns are stitched to a grid. They are characterized by a series of running stitches of even size where the stitches typically touch each other to form solid or woven shapes.

This is a project based class where you will pick one of three designs in one of three colours and stitch the design onto a white tote bag (or your own fabric, if you prefer).

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