Haiku Entry Gallery – Haiku Festival and Contest, April 2020

Enjoy all the wonderful haiku entries for our first Haiku Festival and Contest!

Who are the juries? Click here for their bios.

Winner’s haiku are also marked in colors below. Enjoy!

Entry #1:
I sit at home with
COVID-19 thoughts and
And there, the blossoms!
(by Mary@Mukai)

Entry #2:
People stay inside
But outside flowers still bloom
Nature will not stop
(by Ellen Call)

Entry #3:
Anxious new future
Cleaning refrigerator
Comforting routine
(by Kay Longhi)

Entry #4:
Under western sun
Japanese immigrant finds
Land to farm berries
(by Goran Gatalica)

Entry #5:
Is that a tickle
In my throat? I sure hope not!
A grain of pollen?
(by Pat Call)

Entry #6:
Hazel nut tree full
So many squashes to pick!
All of them wanted
(by C. Hunter Davis)

Entry #7:
Pink cherry blossoms
Floating gently from blue sky
Captured in small hands
(by Dianne Snyder)

Entry #8:
Bordering the street
Mukai cherry trees blooming
Ignoring the virus
(by Kay Longhi)

Entry #9:
Spring birds returning
Social distancing in place
Flattening the curve
(by Kay Longhi)

Entry #10:
Red ripe strawberries
Peonies bloom in the garden
Footprints of Mukai
(by D.C. Callahan)

Entry #11:
Crossing the tree stump
An ant waves its antennae
At the Civil War
(by Mel Goldberg)

Emotion – First Place

Entry #12:
The funeral home
She bends to straighten his tie
For the final time
(by Mel Goldberg)

Entry #13:
Black and white photo
Near the fence at Manzanar
Everyone smiling
(by Mel Goldberg)

Entry #14:
Quarantine 15
Excess carbs are my comfort
There goes my waist line!
(by Candace G. 73)

Entry #15:
Death, once a stranger
Now has moved into my house
Patiently waiting
(by 村上 春樹)

Entry #16:
I watch the sunrise
Blue glass prisms on mom’s sill
Soon all rooms light up
(by Tom Brogan)

Entry #17:
Virus makes us pause
Mukai Garden blossoms soon
Go there and visit
(by Lynn Greiner)

Entry #18:
Five syllables here
Seven more syllables here
Haiku happiness
(by Lynn Greiner)

Entry #19:
Blue sky and gold leaves
Rustling like feathers of birds
Evoke Nirvana
(by Marijke van Heeswijk)

Entry #20:
I’m home how ’bout you?
All my friends on video
What day is today?
(by John Midgley)

Entry #21:
Blooming magnolias
Spring’s patriotic fireworks
Pollen finale
(by J-F Mannina)

Entry #22:
Old strawberry fields
The sound of falling water
Vashon’s beating heart
(by Laura Neebling)

Entry #23:
Fog is two blocks thick
Permit for a chicken coop
Kids did their homework
(by Andrew Dyer)

Entry #24:
Recipe Mumbai
Adding cumin seeds to ghee
Sounds and smells – delight!
(by Berneta Walraven)

Entry #25:
Blue sky. Tears falling,
Like spent cherry blossoms. This
Co-vid Nineteen spring.
(by Wes Borden)

Entry #26:
Trees seem to shiver,
Shedding petals like teardrops.
Nature has its moods.
(by David Takami)

Entry #27:
Morning sky spackled
With gray clouds slowly changes
The sun shines brightly
(by David Takami)

Entry #28:
View from our pot store
The clouds form a corona
Near the horizon
(by David Takami)

Entry #29:
We’re working at home
Our desks forty steps apart
Keeping our distance
(by David Takami)

Entry #30:
Star magnolia
Glowing pink in the gloaming
Light rising from roots
(by David Takami)

Entry #31:
Continents of clouds
Barge north, cosseting the sun
Birds fife their spring songs
(by David Takami)

Emotion – Honorable Mention

Entry #32:
我々(warewareno: All together we)
地球村では(chikyuumuradewa: Throughout our Earth Village)
幸せに(shiawaseni: Happy and peaceful)
(by Melissa Urushindani)

Entry #33:
Knit one and purl one
Stitch by stitch and row by row
Yarn becomes fabric
(by Jane Irish Nelson)

Entry #34:
Stories from the past
Flowing down through many years
Create history
(by Jane Irish Nelson)

Entry #35:
It’s time for baseball
Home runs, strike outs, cheering fans
Will all have to wait
(by Jane Irish Nelson)

Entry #36:
Tug pulls, barge follows
Mighty Tahoma still white
Spring comes to the Sound
(by Michael Meyer)

Entry #37:
Awake the People
I love you, President Trump
Dawn of a New Age
(by Lee Rosenblatt)

Entry #38:
To mushroom harvest
I must wander through the birch
My black dog watches
(by Gina Jacobs)

Entry #39:
Multiple changes
I see kids on screens now
I miss my classroom
(by Esther Morrison)

Emotion – Honorable Mention

Entry #40:
How shall we tell them
Marriage is like a garden
In all four seasons…
(by S. Ferris)

Entry #41:
June’s old strawberry
Withering below the leaf
When will you return?
(by Hunter Richards)

Entry #42:
In being alive
Perhaps the greatest challenge
Is to love oneself
(by Jasmine Smith)

Entry #43:
Loving healing touch
In trust we are spirit: bliss
Heart light expanding
(by emergence)

COVID-19 – Honorable Mention

Entry #44:
Social distancing
Hailing seldom seen neighbor
Suddenly precious
(by Debbie Butler)

Entry #45:
Humans hide, frightened
Flowers bloom, exuberant
Bees buzz, pollen bound
(by Deborah Gooden)

Entry #46:
Malaise, COVID, me
Empty Seattle streetscape
Gorgeous orange sunset
(by Deborah Gooden)

Entry #47:
Cherry blossoms fall
Wafting through the warming air
Spring has come at last
(by Andrea Bakke)

Entry #48:
Our world is shaken
While Covid-19 upends
Skilled mindfulness calms
(by Andrea Bakke)

Entry #49:
Towering above
Is the glorious forest
In the ancient world
(by Emeilia Odegard/grade K-6)

Youth (grade K-6) – First Place

Entry #50:
The simple beauties
Make my heart sing with the joy
Of this blue green world
(by Ella Odegard/grade K-6)

Entry #51:
Past generations
Like bamboo in a strong storm
Inspires resilience
(by John Okamoto)

COVID-19 – First Place

Entry #52:
Asian physician
Battles virus at clinic
Battles hate on street
(by John Okamoto)

Entry #53:
Hear here silence is
Not so chirps the woodpecker
This tree speaks to me
(by Darin Brown)

Entry #54:
Violet red green blue
Striking vibrant such is true
Here, thinking of you
(by Darin Brown)

Entry #55:
It is not the same
Teaching through a computer
I miss my classroom
(by Esther Morrison)

Entry #56:
Squishy and squashy
Is mud between little toes
You know Spring is here
(by Claudia Post)

Entry #57:
A bright, white daisy
Growing in a clump of grass
Is a thing of joy!
(by Claudia Post)

Entry #58:
Sun falls through the woods
Cool shade, warm rays, verdant moss
A Douglas scolds me!
(by Gina Jacobs)

Entry #59:
Corona virus
We are all one family
Why can’t we see that?
(by Debbie Butler)

Entry #60:
Cats are so boring
They just stare at you all day
But when they are mad
(by Charlie Irish/grades 7-12)

Entry #61:
A walk in the wood
Sun is out, the rain is out
Washington is odd
(by Jonathan Irish)

Entry #62:
Sunny spring morning
Orange koi rise to nibble
Pink petals on pond
(by Dianne Snyder)

Entry #63:
Bountiful Mukai
Community heritage
Ancestors’ blessings
(by Jean Berolzheimer)

Entry #64:
Can wait until tomorrow
Day flows into night
(by Procrastination)

Entry #65:
Oldest paper birch
Soft streamers of dancing leaves
April on my face
(by Frances Hogan)

Entry #66:
Humble beginnings
Offered to our island home
Gratefully received
(by Jean Berolzheimer)

Entry #67:
Each day emerges
Mother Nature eases
We learn to back off
(by Oak awakening)

Entry #68:
Awed as spring unfolds
Trees leaf out and ferns unfurl
Mother Nature rules
(by Andrea Bakke)

Entry #69:
Beautiful Mukai
An enduring legacy
Deep bow to all Friends
(by Andrea Bakke)

Entry #70:
Ichigo blossom
Fluttering white to the ground
No harvest this year
(by Mike Kleer)

Entry #71:
Shy smiles and loud grins
A classroom meeting on zoom
Connects us all still
(by Esther Morrison)

Entry #72:
Across the ocean
Seeking a different life
Success, then taken
(by Juno/grade K-6)

Entry #73:
Working in the fields
Under the hot western sun
Successful business
(by Juno/grade K-6)

Entry #74:
Slime is amazing
It is squishy, soft, and stretchy
It’s fun to play with
(by Naida Metler/grade K-6)

Entry #75:
Old Douglas fir felled
In its arms an eagle’s nest
With three dog collars
(by Shirley Ferris)

Entry #76:
Neptune is chilly
Neptune has very strong winds
Frozen blue planet
(by Mara P./grade K-6)

Entry #77:
Snooze in the hammock
Reverie interrupted
By a single bee
(by S. Ferris)

Entry #78:
Travel suspended…
Above the Kwanza cherry
Quiet sky washed clean
(by S. Ferris)

Funny Bone – Honorable Mention

Entry #79:
The vintage toaster
Tells breakfast and tea stories
Little wafts and crumbs
(by Chris Bollweg)

Entry #80:
Cynical poet
Whose chocolate caramel
Is unrelenting
(by Chris Bollweg)

Entry #81:
Spring rain falls gently
Into the peaceful koi pond
Waterlillies bloom
(by Audrey Young)

Entry #82:
Hugging in Produce
A longstanding tradition
As important as bread…
(by S. Ferris)

Entry #83:
Majestic beauty
An abundance of color
Fragrant peonies
(by Claudia Post)

Entry #84:
My teacher is nice
I work on Google classroom
I love my teacher
(by Eleanor Simmons/grade K-6)

Entry #85:
I’m in Esther’s class
I have a very big school
I bring lunch from home
(by Eleanor Simmons/grade K-6)

Entry #86:
My mom likes flowers
My siblings hog the tree swing
My dad works from home
(by Eleanor Simmons/grade K-6)

Entry #87:
My cat is Fat Juice
My other cat is Bagel
Fat Juice has white socks
(by Eleanor Simmons/grade K-6)

Entry #88:
Dandelion globe
Barest breath, it vanishes
Cherish earth, our home
(by Debbie Butler)

Entry #89:
I have mason bees
I put some bee houses up
They will not sting you
(by Eleanor Simmons/grade K-6)

Entry #90:
Black and white head cocked
Pecking at the windowpane
Do reflections fly?
(by Donna Klemka)

Entry #91:
Slicing through the nights
Of winter, the moon wears thin,
A silver splinter
(by Yvonne Belshaw)

Nature – First Place

Entry #92:
Winter comes. Under
  A soft blanket of clouds the
Mountain sleeps til noon
(by Yvonne Belshaw)

Entry #93:
Impatiently the
Curious crocus pops up to
See if spring has come
(by Yvonne Belshaw)

Entry #94:
This sudden sunny
Winter day fools the little
Plum tree, also me
(by Y. Belshaw)

Entry #95:
Lying in the grass
Watching asparagus grow
Busy Vashon day
(by Nancy Rose)

Entry #96:
Tiny red kayak
Two people six feet apart
Safely moving north
(by Steve Rose)

Entry #97:
Window view blue jays
Squabbling over cherries
Not yet existing
(by J.M. Gogarten)

Entry #98:
My flock of chickens
Follows me when I have chips
Trying to trip me
(by Rupert/age 8)

Entry #99:
The sun shines for me
Trees are ladders to the sky
Ahh, to be a cat
(by Karen Kent)

Entry #100:
Spring of Discontent
Fresh, Green. Magnolia Blossoms
Away Discontent
(by Allen de Steiguer)

Entry #101:
My cute chickens are
Fluffy mostly in their butts
But also their beards
(by Thomasina/age 6)

Entry #102:
The bumble bees hum
Finding the dandelions
Fields give gold honey
(by Gina Jacobs)

Entry #103:
Look across the fields
To a distant other-time
Reflect, now preserve
(by Gina Jacobs)

Entry #104:
Oh cherry blossoms
Your sweet scent gently drifts by
Your petals float down
(by Maia Steffens/age 8)

Entry #105:
Remembering youth
I ran fast down the grass hill
To kick off my shoes
(by Carmen Sterba)

Entry #106:
Coyotes verge now
  Closer with each coming dusk
Silence thick with howls
(by Laura Rollins)

Heritage – Honorable Mention

Entry #107:
Sweet strawberry fields
Where origami cranes dream
Of crimson clover
(by Brit Myers)

Entry #108:
Rufous hummingbird
Dancing on salmonberries
Spring’s swift glittering
(by Brit Myers)

Entry #109:
Flowers before leaves
Bigleaf priority is
Tribute to the bees
(by Anonymous)

Entry #110:
Spring raindrops falling
Flora greedily drinking
Mother Nature’s gift
(by Claudia Post)

Entry #111:
I hear crickets chirp
Grass rustles as I walk past
The delightful night
(by Cory Waldron/grade K-6)

Entry #112:
Rains wash clean the Earth
In the early morning dew
All is made anew
(by Winifred C. Chin)

Entry #113:
Riders to the sea
Talk of life and destiny
As the ship sets sail
(by Winifred C. Chin)

Entry #114:
Soldiers buried deep
O’er their caskets mothers weep
As war rages on
(by Winifred C. Chin)

Entry #115:
With hand extended
And coat with holes unmended
He’s come beg a meal
(by Winifred C. Chin)

Entry #116:
  A Vashon party
Choosing my best flannel shirt
And my least frayed jeans
(by Ron Simons)

Funny Bone – First Place

Entry #117:
  Daylight savings ends
The clock that hadn’t been changed
Accurate again
(by Ron Simons)

Entry #118:
  My morning coffee
Savored in my favorite cup
The one with the chip
(by Ron Simons)

Funny Bone – Honorable Mention

Entry #119:
No dress rehearsal
You only go on one time
If there’s no wind, row
(by Pat Minier)

Entry #120:
Begrudge the eagle
Soaring, waltzing with each gust
Grounded in a box
(by Linda Allen)

Entry #121:
Social distancing
Even our hanging feeder
Without any birds
(by Richard Tice)

Entry #122:
Expulsion from the
Garden of Vashon. Tags hang
From pain-buttoned coats
(by Jessika Satori)

Entry #123:
Bright jubilant face!
Once scared puppy fiery licks
Master’s outstretched hand
(by Jessika Satori)

Entry #124:
Berry Anarchy!
Juicy black reward after
Engraved blood letting
(by Jessika Satori)

Entry #125:
Time before Covid
What really got to me was
Missing syllables
(by Vashonista)

Entry #126:
Sakura lovey
Beautiful with it’s flowers
The pedals fall down
(by The Sakura Flowers/grade K-6)

Entry #127:
The faintest shell pink
Colors white camelias
Against deep green leaves
(by Nancy Rose)

Entry #128:
April showers bring
Bring gorgeous flowers to bloom
In barren gardens
(by Steve Rose)

Entry #129:
On a fir tree trunk
Young squirrels chase each other
Round and round, up and down
(by Nancy Rose)

Entry #130:
White blossoms in woods
Feral cherries all over
birds planted the pits
(by Nancy Rose)

Entry #131:
Beyond the garden
The spring winds ruffle the sound
Mountains have fresh snow
(by Nancy Rose)

Entry #132:
Sledep through the outbreak
Cat has the right idea
Just find a sunbeam
(by Nancy Rose)

Entry #133:
We are pioneers
Each huddled on a homestead
Missing lives long lost
(by Laura Rollins)

Entry #134:
Dawn breaks on dry lands
Thick swarms of locust rising
Each new blade will fall
(by Laura Rollins)

Entry #135:
But one day longer
Will keep us closer than now
For each tomorrow
(by Virginia Magboo)

Entry #136:
Dandelions grow
All she sees is a bouquet
Innocence prevails
(by Kathryn Treit)

Entry #137:
Closed tight, peeking out
Or wide open rhody blooms
Mimic the pandemic
(by Rebecca Graves)

Entry #138:
Pastel shades of dusk
Soft light lingers yet awhile
Holding night at bay
(by Peter Milovsoroff)

Entry #139:
Music surrounds us
A symphony of birdsong
Springtime warms the soul
(by Peter Milovsoroff)

Entry #140:
Cherry petals swirl
Dancing in a fitful breeze
All along the path
(by Peter Milovsoroff)

Entry #141:
If we have to wait
I’ll sing the old times again
while you turn the page
(by Virginia Magboo)

Entry #142:
Knocking at my door
The little old lady who
Taught me to yodel
(by ms.blue)

Entry #143:
Raising bachi high

Rolling thunder drums!
(by ms.blue)

Entry #144:
Kuni’s home garden
A treasure of her culture
Still delights today
(by Sherrie Littlefield)

Entry #145:
Ichigo farmers
From one guardian is born
The Friends of Mukai
(by ms.blue)

Entry #146:
Gentle winds of spring
Pushing winter’s clouds away
Told me of your love

(by Peter Milovsoroff)

Entry #147:
Pictures on the wall
Memories from other times
Now as dreams fulfilled

(by Peter Milovsoroff)

Entry #148:
Serene surroundings
Calm the storms deep inside you
The sound soothes your soul
(by Scott Radabagh)

Entry #149:
I’m working front line
Mask, gloves, sanitiser, fears
Do your part stay home
(by Cathy Pintus)

Entry #150:
Twilight’s crisp birdsong
Feathers grounded by morning
Silence comes mourning

(by Peter Lewis)

Entry #151:
Chickens say bawk bawk
Chickens are silly creatures
They are also cute
(by Beni/grade K-6)

Entry #152:
Quiet envelops
Like a warm bath, soothes spirits
Corona grounds planes
(by Quiet at last)

Entry #153:
Blossoms unfurling
Fragrant in the warm sunshine
Life marches forward
(by Onward)

Entry #154:
Listen with your heart
Everyone has a story
Living life in peace

(by Anonymous)

Entry #155:
Sing a song to life
Please share your kindred spirit
The voice must be heard
(by Anonymous)

Entry #156:
The rain drop plunges,
The heart swells and lunges,
Each to its own song
(by Len Wolff)

People’s Choice – First Place

Entry #157:
Tulips bloom unseen
The walls are in front of me
My wandering mind
(by Ariel Koering/grade K-6)

Entry #158:
Planet has a plan?
This Spring virus, Clear air, Quiet
Are we too Many?

(by Allen de Steiguer)

Entry #159:
Like a happy smile
Sunshine breaks through the low clouds
Brightening the day
(by Richard Emmons)

Entry #160:
Sunlight on the rain
Shadows darkness cannot tame
The circle is closed
(by Len Wolff)

Entry #161:
Through war and sickness
Ancestral hands touched the soil
The flowers now bloom

(by Emily Keiko Pruiksma)

Entry #162:
The glass was half full
Now, it appears half empty
Life gets so thirsty
(by Linda Allen)

Entry #163:
Clouds gently weeping
Listen the clams are talking
Happy at high tide
(by Audrey Young)

Entry #164:
The gentle summer
Rain retreats, leaving blue skies
Mirrored in the streets
(by Yvonne Belshaw)

Entry #165:
New moon, a whisp of
Silver floss, tossed amid the
Starry clouds, then lost.

(by Y. Belshaw)

Entry #166:
Slender threads of rain
Stitching sky to earth, weaving
Tapestries of gray
(by Y. Belshaw)

Entry #167:
Calligraphy on
Rice paper? No. Only weeds
Patterned on the snow
(by Y. Belshaw)

Entry #168:
Winter wind plays through
The birch’s branches as songs
From a silent harp
(by Y. Belshaw)

Entry #169:
Green maple leaf sways
The breeze, cherry blossoms float down
Like large snowflakes, warm
(by Sadie Reissiger/grade K-6)

Entry #170:
Verdant fruit of Truth
Picked by unseen hands
Falls into the fog
(by Len Wolff)

Entry #171:
Day turns into night
Darkness awakend by light
The Sun never sleeps
(by Len Wolff)

Entry #172:
Repaired step by step
Kuni’s rocks and wizened yew
To the peak at last!

(by Carla Okigwe)

Entry #173:
April at the pond
“See me, pretty, pretty me!”
Birdie egotist

(by Carla Okigwe)

Entry #174:
Yes, I am talking…
An inaudible woman
Mask on my mouth

(by Carla Okigwe)

Entry #175:
Kuni’s garden mound
By the barreling plant?
Strawberry sundae!

(by Carla Okigwe)

Entry #176:
Inside quarantine
Grief for lost prosperity
(by Carla Okigwe)

Entry #177:
News for May sixteenth
Grief for lost humanity
(by Carla Okigwe)

Entry #178:
Blue and white design
Revealed as fabric unfurls
Mukai Shibori!
(by Claire Works)

Entry #179:
Boxed form head hung low
Mind withered long befouled
Silently yearning

(by Unknown Writer)

Entry #180:
Sunlight between clouds
The Katsura’s leaves emerge
My heart beats faster

(by Alejandro Echevarria)

Entry #181:
Blossoms float to earth
Marathons of pinkish hues
Blanketing the dead

(by Barb Thal)

Entry #182:
Lichan on branches
Old cherry tree still blooms
Wrinkles don’t matter

(by Kay Longhi)

Entry #183:
Strange fruit on foul soil
Treasured past unforgotten
Seeding rise aglow
(by Unknown Writer)

Youth (Pre-K/Toddler) – First Place

Entry #184:
Garbage trucks have hands
They have forks and one arm yeah
That’s how much they have
(by Wilfred/age 3)

Youth (grade 7-12) – First Place

Entry #185:
  A lonely bird sits
In a tree made of sorrow
Waiting for its mate
(by Jolyon/age 10)

Entry #186:
Electra morning
Brightness shorn dark canvas
Caring tames thorn crown

(by Unknown Writer)

Entry #187:
Raisin Rage, Pink Burst
Lipstick hidden under mask
Lost identity

(by Kay Longhi)

Entry #188:
Spousal harmony
Essential ingredient
For a good haircut

(by John Okamoto)

Entry #189:
Will you remember?
Who I am, what I look like?
Will you hug again?

(by John Okamoto)

Entry #190:
Quarantined at home
I am unsafe in my house
Alone and afraid
(by John Okamoto)

Entry #191:
  Excuse me Roomba
I’m sitting on the toilet
I need privacy
(by John Okamoto)

Entry #192:
Strange fruit on foul soil
Treasured past unforgotten
Seeding rise aglow
(by Unknown Writer)

Entry #193:
Monster trucks are cool
They like to race on high jumps
They can do back flips

(by Tommy Bingham/grade K-6)

Heritage – First Place

Entry #194:
Scouts carry our flag

(by A den leader from pack 275)

Entry #195:
Feathers on the rug
Crouching in the yellow grass
I am the walrus

(by Gabe Lewis)

Entry #196:
Birdsong all around
Colorful flowers in bloom
Spring is in the air

(by Dwight Schrute/grade 7-12)

Entry #197:
Within the silence
My breath listens to your soul
And releases me
(by Lisa Loeffler)

Entry #198:
  If i could write it
I’d craft the most beautiful
Verse to capture you
(by Lisa Loeffler)

Entry #199:
Within the silence
My breath listens to your soul
And releases me
(by Lisa Loeffler)

Entry #200:
Night whispers goodbyes
To memories held tender
Your life was pleasure

(by Lisa Loeffler)

Entry #201:
Spin me out into
Screaming patterns on the walls
And blue sky water

(by Lisa Loeffler)

Entry #202:
Within the silence
My breath listens to your soul
And releases me

(by Lisa Loeffler)

Entry #203:
Their talons are sharp
Owls are the birds of the night
Silently they fly

(by Lucy/grade K-6)

Entry #204:
Periwinkle blue
Gossamer winged butterfly
Enchanted garden
(by Audrey Young)

Entry #205:
  Pax my faithful friend
When you cross the Rainbow Bridge
My heart will find you
(by Vince Young)

Entry #206:
I feel black, red and white
Wake me up when it ends to be
Orange, yellow and green
(by Zazou Faham)

Entry #207:
Strange fruit wicket soil
Treasured past unforgotten
Seeding rise aglow

(by York Wong)

Entry #208:
Apple descending
Orchard Earth befouled barren
Apocalypse Now

(by York Wong)

Entry #209:
Second wave cresting
Devil virus a-coming
What’s going on?

(by York Wong)

Entry #210:
Trapped figure head bow
Mind empty withered befouled
Silently yearning

(by York Wong)

Entry #211:
Not yet satisfied
With this daffodil or that
Butterfly lingers

(by Teri White Carns)

Entry #212:
Duty and service
Self or public matters not
Frontline heroes all

(by York Wong)

Entry #213:
Electra morning
Bright One uproot night canvas
Caring tames thorn crown

(by York Wong)

Entry #214:
Endless storms afloat
Rainbow buried graven earth
Hope rising reborn

(by York Wong)

Entry #215:
Infinite green shade
Mosses cross a stone threshold
Lost to these farmers

(by Mary Rose O’Reilley)

Entry #216:
I am full of light!
Full moon cries at the window
How can you choose sleep?

(by Mary Rose O’Reilley)

Entry #217:
Climb trees together
Pick a bouquet for mother
You just have to wait

(by Charlotte McDowell Oldham/grade K-6)

Entry #218:
A great red sunrise
Painted across the blank sky
Then sun hits the sky

(by Ahmalie Frank/grade K-6)

Entry #219:
At Mukai’s west edge
Small birdsong stitches sunlight
Through winter’s stickwork

(by Ann Spiers)

Nature – Honorable Mention

Entry #220:
Gathering in Spring
The scent of wild ginger
Stays on my fingers

(by Ann Spiers)

Entry #221:
The summer sun will
Comfort me if I fall down
I am happy still

(by Bryton Calabrese/grade K-6)

Entry #222:
If only we could
Stop summer spilling into
Fall its honey gold

(by Shelley Calabrese)

Entry #223:
Spring has ladybugs
Flowers, leaves, rain, berries, bees
It is beautiful

(by Madeleine Sordenstone/grade K-6)

Entry #224:
Coconut is cute
She is my monkey stuffy
I love her so much

(by Madeleine Sordenstone/grade K-6)

Entry #225:
Kitties and puppies
Are sweet and adorable
Yarn and bones are fun

(by Madeleine Sordenstone/grade K-6)

Entry #226:
Mercury Venus
Earth Mars Jupiter Saturn
Uranus Neptune

(by Julip Youngs/grade K-6)

Entry #227:
It runs though my hair
Swaying the branches of trees
The wonderful wind

(by Nico Youngs/grade K-6)

Entry #228:
Mukai dear sweet friend
Rejoice in your revival
Vashon remembers

(by Hiroshi)

Entry #229:
Truth rests in the folds
Whether petals or tear drops
We delight or flee

(by Hiroshi)

Entry #230:
Darkness slow me down
Day thanks the night for the dark
Now, night greets the light

(by Hiroshi)

Entry #231:
When love comes for you
In sweet silence you will know
In your heart and soul

(by Hiroshi)

Entry #232:
“Do not want Japs to return”
Three houses all burned

(by Bruce Haulman)

Entry #233:
Mukai, Strawberry King
Barreling Plant, Stroll Garden
Removed, Returned, Home

(by Bruce Haulman)

Entry #234:
Kuni’s Stroll Garden
Masterful Garden Design
Peaceful, Beautiful

(by Bruce Haulman)

Entry #235:
Women not allowed
To design a stroll garden
Kuni does anyway

(by Bruce Haulman)

Entry #236:
America and
Japan blended together
The Mukai Farmstead

(by Bruce Haulman)

Entry #237:
New American
Traditional Japanese
Joined together, Here

(by Bruce Haulman)

Entry #238:
Two worlds together
American style Farmhouse
Japanese Garden

(by Bruce Haulman)

Entry #239:
Ben, Sato, Kuni
Masa, Mamie, Chiyeko
Milton, all Mukais

(by Bruce Haulman)

Entry #240:
Mukai Family
Ben, Sato, Kuni, Masa
Chiyeko, Milton

(by Bruce Haulman)

Entry #241:
The Barreling Plant
Arriving Berries Sorted
Packed, Shipped, and Frozen

(by Bruce Haulman)

Entry #242:
The Mukai Barn Burned
Tractors, Trucks, Equipment, Bunks

(by Bruce Haulman)

Entry #243:
The Kitchen Garden
Vegetables, Fruits, Berries
Fed Everyone

(by Bruce Haulman)

Entry #244:
Fly like the eagle
Majestic overhead close
Night skies above now

(by Ben! Voigts)

Entry #224:
All my best wishes
Thoughts and prayers, intentions
To You and Thank You

(by Ben! Voigts)

Youth – Honorable Mention

Entry #246:
私鳥 (watashitori: I am a lost bird)
めり込む心 (merikomukokoro: Trapped in my own mind)
逃がす飛ぶ (nigasutobu: Let me go fly free)

(by R. Obnial/grade 7-12)

Entry #247:
Do we need a touch
To show how alive we are
Kept stilled in lit rooms

(by Virginia Magboo)

Entry #248:
Flower buds open
Tulips smile to the sun
Dandelion soup

(by Liana Mann/grade K-6)

Entry #249:
Cherry Blossoms Fall
Dandelions Standing Tall
Butterflies and All

(by Liana Mann/grade K-6)

Entry #250:
Burr and Hamilton
Friends different and alike
One shot the other

(by Mirabel Stone/grade K-6)

Entry #251:
Vashon is so cool
Vashon has pretty gardens
Vashon is my home

(by Lauren W/grade K-6)

People’s Choice – Honorable Mention

Entry #252:
The shoreline roars, pride
Of the winds rustles the breeze
Nature strengthens fast

(by Sadie/grade K-6)

Entry #253:
Leaves on the wet ground
Let’s go make a pile of leaves
Run run jump kaboom!

(by Amelia Stone/grade K-6)

Entry #254:
Watching blossoms fall
From my own front porch this year
Knapsack by the door

(by Teri White Carns)

Entry #255:
Blow on a candle
Smoke rises swirling you see
Higher and higher

(by Ariel Koering/grade K-6)

Entry #256:
Blue sea horizon
Warm gravel loose underfoot
Old times remembered

(by Adi Frank/grade 7-12)

Entry #257:
Growing up Vashon
Nature trashed my Nikes then
Don’t mind wet socks now

(by Wiley Frank)

Entry #258:
Pitchfork left upright
In the rows of strawberries
She says yes yes yes

(by Ann Spiers)

Entry #259:
Shimmering light dance
On pitch black waves of Colvos
Moon sinks into branch

(by Paula Wong)

Entry #260:
Spring’s scroll unrolling
Ninety-nine kra’aking crows drop
Into the foreground

(by Ann Spiers)

Entry #261:
White dome of blossoms
The Dutchess of Oldenburg
Says it’s time for spring

(by Nancy Rose)

Entry #262:
The bright red rhodie
Is Steve’s fvorite flower
It greets him each year

(by Nancy Rose)

Entry #263:
My Wilson’s Warbler
Plump, yellow and a black hat
Busy in the bush

(by Nancy Rose)

Entry #264:
Bright dots of color
Tulips squirrels didn’t eat
Pop up here and there

(by Nancy Rose)

Entry #265:
Rain pours down, though not
A single cloud can be seen
Birds soar gracefully

(by Sadie/grade K-6)

Entry #266:
Pond glistens with sun
Charming, calming everyone
Spring days , not at school

(by Kelly Kapoor/grade K-6)

Entry #267:
The leaves fall in Fall
Are the cats knocking them off?
No. They are sleeping

(by Flo Ulmer/grade K-6)

Entry #268:
Tempest envelops
Cradled by community
I find calm, quiet, love

(by Josephine Hutton)

Entry #269:
Silenced by the noise
A thousand voices speaking
The fight will go on

(by Josephine Hutton)

2018 Japan Festival_photo by Wade Yip

Entry #270:
A house in the sky
Pieces, puzzles, frustration
It is possible

(by Josephine Hutton)

Entry #271:
Fingers unfurling
Like a hand bent over, poised
The fern rolls, to float

(by Josephine Hutton)

Entry #272:
Trees come back alive
Flowers bursting into bloom
Signs of spring are here

(by Anonymous/grade K-6)

Entry #273:
Sad are the birds migrating here
To find blossoms swaying in full glory, alone
Laughter hides somewhere near

(by Farunka)

Entry #274:
Maybe looks grow-up
A girl with breasts and acne
At heart still a child

(by Anonymous/grade K-6)

Entry #275:
Holding soft bodies
Adorable and fluffy
Chicks, warm vibrant chicks

(by Anonymous/grade K-6)

Entry #276:
New life unfurling
The joy and the peace of spring
New leaves on the trees

(by Anonymous/grade K-6)

Entry #277:
At home all cozy
The schools are closed, the shops too
Our world is sad, stressed

(by Anonymous/grade K-6)

Entry #278:
Lovable warm soft
Very cute tiny things, awwww
Fresh from the egg, chicks

(by Bobby Jingles/grade K-6)

Entry #279:
Life, death, all around
Sometimes I envy the dead
It’s now or never

(by Bobby Jingles/grade K-6)

Entry #280:
Summer winds blow now
It ruffles them all day now, yay!
Leaves, many colors and shapes

(by Bobby Jingles/grade K-6)

A special Three Generations Triptych by Bruce Haulman:

Mukai, Matsumoto

Kanugi, Kamimoto
Otsuka, Owada

Yoneichi, Mary
Yoshihiko, Margaret
Yukichi, Martha

Marlene, Roy, Milton
Margurite, Ray, Marjorie
Maria, Mathew

Over 280 haiku were submitted from poets on Vashon and from Brooklyn, Santa Barbara, and as far away as Croatia and Mexico.
The poet’s ages ranged from three to 99 years old.
THANK YOU for all the entries and voting!!